How to create a QR code to enroll the MDM Agent or Secure Content Locker

Objective: To create a generic QR code for all users.

To configure the MDM Agent or Secure Content Locker without typing the environment information on the device, and instead scan a QR Code to simplify the process. 

All Users under the mentioned Group ID can enroll the device.


  • The latest MDM Agent or Secure Content Locker app 
  • Your environment details (to prepare the QR code) 
    • Environment URL 
    • Group ID (Usually TOP OG) For On premise Please do not use Global OG
  • A QR code generator (e.g.

Steps to proceed 

  1. Prepare your URL using the following format : 
  3. Example: 
  4. Paste this URL into your qr code generator and click generate 
  5. Save, copy or email the image as necessary (note: you can also insert it into the user activation message template) 

Now you can use the Agent/Secure content locker "QR Code" button to scan the image and automatically connect to the correct environment more quickly. 

Govind Vasudeva
Associate Technical Consultant
Vmware Airwatch Support

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