Gathering iOS Logs

Apple's recommended method for procuring logs from an iOS device is by using either the native console app on macOS 10.12+ or Apple Configurator on machines running macOS 10.11 and prior.


Device logs using (requires macOS 10.12+)

  1. Using a lightning cable, connect the iOS device to the Mac via the USB port.
  2. Accept the prompt for trusting the Mac on the device.
  3. Launch console on the Mac by typing under spotlight search or from Applications > Utilities > Console.
  4. If there are no issues with the USB connection, you should see the device listed in left hand pane. Click on it and logs will start populating in the main window.
  5. Replicate the issue on the device we want to grab logs for.
  6. Click inside the main logging window in Console and copy all content by holding CMD + A.
  7. Paste the content in a text editor of choice and save the file for review.


Device logs using Apple Configurator

In macOS 10.11 and prior versions, the native console app cannot be used to grab iOS logs. Apple Configurator can be used on these versions to collect logs.

  1. Ensure iTunes is up-to-date and install Apple Configurator 2 from the App Store
  2. Once installed, launch the app.
  3. Using a Lightning Cable, connect the iOS device to the Mac via the USB port and accept the prompt for trust.
  4. Apple Configurator should recognize the connected device as shown below.
  5. Double click on the device and select Console from the left pane. Logs should start populating in the main window
  6. Replicate the issue on the device
  7. Click Save on the bottom right for future review


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