Branding updates in AirWatch 9.0

Branding updates in AirWatch 9.0

In AirWatch 9.0, branding has been simplified to use three colors in specific locations.  Text on each can be mapped to "light" or "dark" for better readability, no matter what colors are chosen for branding.  The three locations that can be customized are:

  • Header - This color only applies to the AirWatch Console and Self Service Portal headers.
  • Navigation - This color applies to the navigation panels on the left of both the AirWatch Console and Self Service Portal.
  • Highlight - This color is used to draw attention to buttons, selections, etc.

Branding can be configured in the AirWatch Console under Settings > System > Branding.


New AirWatch Console login screen

AirWatch 9.0 will additionally introduce a new login screen.  By default, the login screen will look similar to the image below.  A full-screen image can be added to display in the background.


Automatic migration to new Branding configuration

If Custom Branding is currently configured in your environment, the following mappings will be applied upon upgrade to AirWatch 9.0 for each Organization Group with Custom Branding configured:

  • The Primary branding color will become the new Highlight color.
  • The Secondary branding color will become the new Navigation color.
  • The Login Image URL will become the new Company URL.
  • The login page now only contains a single image, so only the first login background image will be retained.
  • The Header color will be set to the default light gray.
  • Font colors will default to "dark" for the Header and "light" for the Navigation and Highlight colors.

Removal of certain branding elements

The following elements have been removed in AirWatch 9.0 to coincide with the branding updates:

  • Secondary Logo
  • Tertiary branding color
  • Login page background color (for the console and SSP)
  • Reports branding
  • Primary and secondary logo URLs
  • Saved themes
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