How to configure Android for Work Accounts integration with AirWatch

What are Android for Work Accounts

Android for Work Accounts allow for a new, lightweight Android for Work model which does not require domain registration or any EMM token upload.

With the standard Android for Work flow, the corporate domain must be registered and a Google admin account ( must be set up with a Google Admin Console where the Google user accounts are created and maintained.

With the Android for Work Accounts model, there is no longer any requirement for domain registration or user account management. A few highlights of the new model are:

  • Android for Work can be set up using any Google account (does not need to be an admin account).
  • No Google Admin Console access is required, but you must log in to Google Developer Console with your standard Google account to create and generate the Service Account details.
  • Users cannot be automatically created upon enrollment.
  • Application and profile management for Android for Work remains the same.
  • Enrollment of Android for Work will still require the encryption of each device, and completing enrollment is done by logging in with your Google ID (Note: each user accounts must be associated with a valid Google account).
  • There is no migration from the old model to the new model. The configuration for Android for Work using this model must be done from scratch.


Setup Android for Work using Android for Work Accounts

The AirWatch Console allows you to complete a simplified setup process to bind the Google Account and AirWatch to Google as your EMM provider for Android for Work.

  1. Navigate to Devices >Devices Settings> Devices & Users > Android > Android for Work.
  2. Select Configure. You will be redirected to the Android for Work Google sign in page.
    Note: To configure Android for Work in the old model (i.e. with EMM token), follow the link on the page: “If you are deploying Google Apps for Work, Click here.”
  3. Select Get Startedif you are already signed in with your Google credentials. If you are not signed in, select Sign Into enter your Google credentials and then select Get Started
  4. Enter your Organization Name. The Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) provider field should populate as AirWatch.
  5. Select Confirm > Complete Registration. You will be redirected back to the AirWatch Console, and your Google Service Account credentials will automatically populate.
  6. Select Save > Test Connectionto ensure the service account is set up and connected successfully.
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