Honeywell Barcode Staging Package


Honeywell Android Rugged devices do not use the AirWatch barcode enrollment flow. To enroll Honeywell Android Rugged devices with a barcode requires the use of the Honeywell EZ Config Editor.

Because this enrollment flow uses a third-party solution, consider contacting Honeywell for more information on using the Honeywell EZ Config Editor.


  • You must create a staging package before you generate a barcode. See the Product Provisioning for Android Rugged Devices Guide available on AirWatch Resources.
  • Download and install the Honeywell EZ Config Editor on to your PC.
  • Verify the latest Power Tools package is installed on the device.  Contact Honeywell for more information.

Create a Honeywell Barcode Staging Package

Create a barcode to scan with your Honeywell rugged devices to quickly enroll the device into AirWatch. The barcode enrolls a device using a previously created staging package.

To generate a barcode, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Install the Honeywell Android Power Tools App on the device. This app contains the EZConfig Scanning Utility.
  2. Configure the Wi-Fi settings Honeywell EZConfig Editor. You must edit the DeviceConfig.xml that is found in "/Internal Storage / honeywell / ezconfig / generated folder on the device.
  3. Host the AirWatch Staging Package Files:
    • Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Staging > Add and create a staging package in the AirWatch Admin Console. Download the staging package onto your PC.
    • Upload the required files to a file repository for access by the device during enrollment. Consider using the AirWatch Self-Service Portal.
      • Credentials.bin file found in the staging .zip file
      • The latest AirWatch Agent for Android APK available on AirWatch Resources. Contact your AirWatch account manager for access.
      • Honeywell Service APK for Android APK available on AirWatch Resources. Contact your AirWatch account manager for access.
  4. Add the AirWatch Settings to EZConfig Editor. Create a task for each AirWatch download that points to the file repository hosting the files.
    • Download credentials
    • Install HW app
    • Run intent
    • Install Agent
    • Run intents
  5. Generate a barcode to scan with the device.
  6. Scan the barcode to begin the enrollment process.
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