AirWatch Browser v5.0 UI Comparison Guide


The upcoming release of AirWatch Browser for iOS features an updated user interface designed to provide a modern, intuitive user experience to facilitate quick access to web applications.  This document compares the key features in the presently available app version with their equivalents in the new UI.

Comparison Table


All Tabs View

The All Tabs View has been updated to provide the user with a snapshot of the webpage they are currently viewing in a grid view.  From the All Tabs View, users can switch tabs, add new tabs, and delete tabs. 

This functionality has been removed from the homepage view in the current version to provide optimal use of the space on the device.



Homepage View

When a user creates a new tab, they can access a tiled view of any bookmarked or recently accessed web sites. This provides the end user a quick access to their favorite sites without URL.

In the current version, adding a new tab automatically re-directs the end user to the home page.



Adding a Site to Bookmarks

To add a site as a favorite or as a bookmark, from the webpage, choose the menu button from the navigation bar. Then, select Add to Bookmarks. In the earlier version, there was a star button available in the URL bar to create bookmark.


Kiosk Mode – Home button

If you are using Kiosk Mode with the Multi-Tab feature being enabled (available only with AirWatch Browser 5.0+ and AirWatch Console 8.4+), there is an option to Clear the Cookies and the History before returning Home.  Home refers to an option available within the application.  

In this setup, Home will additionally clear open tabs and show the user a notification letting them know that the application is being reset.  This does not apply to the majority of users. 



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