AirWatch MDM Agent Upgrade Flow on Zebra Devices for 6.0


The process that occurs during MDM Agent Upgrade on Zebra devices enables the new versions to persist through an Enterprise Reset or an OS Upgrade.  Prior to 6.0, this process did not always complete successfully due to a timing issue in the persistence process.

Implications for customers

If the below workflow is not adhered to, the new Agent and MX Service versions will not be persisted through an Enterprise Reset or OS Upgrade.  The original installed versions will be restored instead.


Steps to properly upgrade the AirWatch Agent (detailed steps with screenshots below):

*The Agent must be upgraded two times to allow the new persistence process to run

  • Create two identical File/Actions containing the AirWatch MDM Agent Upgrade to 6.0
  • Create two Products:
    • First Product has the first MDM Agent Upgrade file/action in the manifest
    • Second Product has the second file/action in the manifest
    • Add a dependency of the first product to the second product
  • Activate both Products.  Make sure both are completed and compliant before sending an Enterprise Reset or OS Upgrade


Detailed Steps with screenshots

  • Configure two separate, but identical, File/Actions:
    • In the Install Manifest, select AirWatch MDM Agent Upgrade, and select the airwatch_client- version



  • Create two Products:
    • Product A installs the First file/action



    • Product B installs the Second file/action



    • Add Product A as a dependency for Product B, as Product A must be installed before product B



  • Activate the Products and make sure both are installed and compliant before performing an OS Update or Enterprise Reset.
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