AirWatch Launcher 2.2 compatibility for Samsung ELM Service, Android Marshmallow

Support for AirWatch Launcher on Marshmallow and certain Lollipop devices requires user to grant app permissions to the Launcher

  • Due to discontinuation of the API to detect the current running application so that it can be blacklisted, Launcher now utilizes a new API to achieve the same functionality.
  • This new API requires the user to grant app permission to the Launcher so that the Launcher can implement the API.

For Marshmallow devices:

  • The API will be necessary for all Android Marshmallow devices by default. Any device that has Android Marshmallow will prompt a user to grant app permissions before proceeding to the Launcher home screen.

For Lollipop devices:

  • Since the discontinuation of the API for Lollipop devices depends on the OEM and the region, it is not possible for AirWatch Launcher to implement the fix on a case by case basis.
  • Admins must add a Custom Settings profile to their devices that upgrade to the Lollipop build where the API has been discontinued. This should not affect the devices that don’t have the API discontinued.
  • Below is the template for the Custom Settings profile.  Note that {uuid} can be any UUID generated randomly. This field is not validated and any value will work.

<characteristic type="" uuid="{uuid}">

      <parm name="UsageAccess" value="True" />



AirWatch Launcher on Samsung devices with Samsung ELM Service

  • Launcher 2.2 will continue to work with Samsung Service 2.2, but the newer APIs introduced in the later Samsung ELM Service will not be supported.
  • On upgrade to Launcher 2.2:
    • In order to smoothly transition to the ELM Service within Launcher, the device should have AirWatch Agent 6.0 and Launcher 2.2. This transition is also possible with Launcher 2.1 and whitelisting the packages (com.airwatch.admin.samsungelm – Internal or public app and com.sec.esdk.elm - miscellaneous) in the Launcher profile.
    • It is imperative that the Agent is upgraded to 6.0 and Launcher is upgraded to 2.2 before ELM Service is pushed to the device, either as an internal app or from the Play Store.
    • It is also imperative that the permissions are granted to the Launcher for App Usage Stats by the user.


Date/Time Setting option

  • The Date/Time feature is supported in Launcher 2.2 but is not present in the UI for AirWatch 8.3. The following custom settings profile payload can be used to enable these settings.  Note that {uuid} can be any UUID generated randomly. This field is not validated and any value will work.

<characteristic type="" uuid="{uuid}">

      <parm name="AllowDateTime" value="True" />



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