Updating from an Older AirWatch Agent for Windows Mobile

Over-the-Air Agent Migration

You can perform over-the-air (OTA) migration from an older Windows Mobile /Windows CE Agent to a newer one or from Athena to the latest Agent through package provisioning.

This method is required for devices using the Athena agent as well as older versions of the AirWatch Agent. As of AirWatch Agent v5.3 for Windows Rugged, you can upgrade a device OS through product provisioning. See the Product Provisioning for Windows Rugged Devices Guide available on AirWatch Resources.

Migrating from an Older Agent

Migrate by following these steps:

  1. Download the Installer CAB for the appropriate platform.
    Some of the older releases followed a different software naming convention. The name of the agent to uninstall can be specified as a registry entry within the Installer CAB [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\AirWatch\AWInstall ]. This could be any of AirWatch Device Agent, AirWatch Core Agent, or AirWatch Interrogator Device Agents 3.x and needs to be customized before deployment.
  2. Create a provisioning package with the following manifest actions. For replacing Athena, the agent type should be Legacy.
    1. Create the folder: \Program Files\AWAgentInstall.
    2. Download the latest Agent CAB to \Program Files\AWAgentInstall\Airwatch-CoreAgent.cab. The target must be named exactly as stated.
    3. Download the AirWatch Agent Installer WinMo.cab to \Temp\AW.cab.Install \Temp\AW.cab.
    4. Process Run "\Program Files\AWAgentInstall\AWAgentInstallStart.exe".
      Important: Make sure you type double quotes around the path above.
    5. Set the timeout to -1.
      Entering -1 for the timeout causes the application to never timeout while it is running so it runs until it is complete.
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