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Privacy First is an initiative introduced in AirWatch 8.3 to provide more transparency to end-users regarding privacy while allowing the administrator to comply with any necessary privacy regulations.  End-users are able to access a website, hosted by the AirWatch Console environment, that will indicate in simple language what type of information AirWatch is collecting and is not collecting.  This can be particularly important in BYOB deployments where users are enrolling their own devices and privacy is their main concern.



 Additionally, this privacy website can be pushed to devices as a webclip upon enrollment.  If privacy settings change over time, the website will automatically be updated to reflect the new settings.  This way, if a user is ever unsure about what data is being collected from an enrolled device, that information is only a single click away.

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Configuring privacy settings

Privacy settings can be configured in the AirWatch Console by navigating to Settings > Devices & Users > General > Privacy.  Different settings can be configured based on the device type (that is, Corporate - Dedicated, Corporate - Shared, Employee Owned, or Unassigned).  For various types of information (GPS data, telecom data, application data, etc.) you can configure whether to collect it and display it in the AirWatch Console, collect it but do not display it, or to not collect it at all.  The privacy notification will be updated to reflect whichever settings have been chosen.



You can enable access to the privacy message itself from the User Friendly Privacy Notice section on the privacy settings page.  Choose to enable the notice for the specified device ownership type, and select the Save button.  This will automatically publish the webclip to all devices of the specified ownership types enrolled under this organization group.



Configuring the Device Activation Email

In addition to pushing the privacy webclip to devices after they have enrolled, it is important to notify users of privacy settings before they ever enroll their device.  Being up-front about privacy settings can help eliminate concerns about enrolling personal devices, and help improve adoption rates of BYOB deployments.

In AirWatch 8.3, the {PrivacyNotificationURL} lookup value can be used within the Device Activation Email message template to provide a link to the privacy website.  This way, when a device is added to the AirWatch Console to allow for enrollment, the privacy information will be sent to the user along with the enrollment instructions.  The user can be assured about what information is and is not collected even before they enroll their device.


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