FAQ: Licenses

How do I view total licenses purchased and consumed?

There are two methods to view the number of licenses purchased and consumed:

  1. From the Workspace ONE UEM, run the report titled “License Use Summary.” This report will show you a list of the licenses you have and are using.
    Note: The "License Use Summary" report will not be available in the future VMware Workspace ONE UEM versions.
  2. Navigate to my.workspaceone.com and sign in. Select Analytics from the toolbar along the top, then click My Stats. From here, you can see a general overview of your devices (total vs. active), a platform breakdown, and device ownership.

Note: It takes 30 days for the Admin Panel to update licenses, however, they can still be used to enroll.


Why is my number of available Workspace ONE licenses not updating in My Workspace ONE after I purchase more?

Licenses can take up to 30 days from the time of purchase to be reflected in the My Workspace ONE portal, however, they are available for consumption as soon as you purchase them.


If a device is unenrolled, does it count as consuming an Workspace ONE license?

No, unenrolled devices are not counted against your Workspace ONE licenses. 

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