iOS Single App Mode


What is iOS Single App Mode?

iOS Single App Mode enables you to lock each iOS device into a single application (app) and prevent access to other features or settings on the device. This is primarily used for mobile kiosks, which allows customers to browser store products through an app. You will configure the app settings from the AirWatch Admin console.

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 6+ Supervised


Best Practices

Configuring iOS Single App Mode

From the Single App Mode payload:

  • Select the bundle id of the application you wish to lock your iOS devices into. 


  • Select the following options to enable various device preferences, as desired. Please note, in order to lock down these settings, your device must be running iOS 7+.
    Picture 2.png
  • Select Save & Publish to add the profile and immediately deploy it to the assigned iOS devices. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I update an application in Single App Mode?

In order to update an application, you must exit ouf of Single App Mode.


How do I exit out of Single App Mode?

You will need to remove the profile from the device. For this reason, we recommend you push Single App Mode as an Optional profile. This will allow you exit out of Single App Mode on a per device basis. Once the application has updated, you can re-push the Single App Mode profile to the device. 

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