FAQ: Teacher Tools

FAQ: Teacher Tools


What is Teacher Tools?

Teacher Tools is a set of iOS apps called AirWatch Teach and AirWatch Learn. With AirWatch Teach, teachers can lock student iPads into apps, websites, and content that way their classes can follow along with the agenda set for the day. With the AirWatch Learn app, students can add their classes and view any websites or content shared by their teachers. Teachers can also utilize the All Eyes Up Front feature to temporarily disable student devices and command attention at the front of the class or leverage the Clear Device Passcode feature to clear a student device passcode if forgotten.


What devices are supported?

  • iPad 2+ (iPad 3 recommended)
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air 2


What version of the console is required?

  • AirWatch Admin Console v7.2+ for devices running iOS 8
  • AirWatch Admin Console v8.1 FP1+ for devices running iOS 9 and above


Do my iPads have to be enrolled to use Teacher Tools?

Student iPads need to be enrolled and supervised using either DEP or Apple Configurator. The AirWatch Agent needs to be installed on these iPads as well. As for your teachers’ iPads, it is not a requirement for them to be enrolled or supervised.


Do my teachers need administrator accounts to use AirWatch Teach?

Your teachers will need administrator accounts to login to AirWatch Teach because the app uses REST API to execute commands such as app lock or clearing iPad passcodes. If you do not want your teachers to have access to the console, you can create a custom role for your teachers that only has read and edit access for all REST API permissions.


How do my teachers create classes?

Your teachers can create classes within AirWatch Teach by following the steps below: 

  1. Tap the + button on the My Classes dashboard.
  2. Tap the Cannot find your class? link at the bottom of the window to start adding a new class.
  3. Tap the Enter class name text box and type the name of the class.


Can classes be created in the console?

Classes can be created here in the console: Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Tags. When creating a class, it is necessary to create it at the same level that devices are enrolled. Classes should not be inherited from higher organization groups.


If my teacher wants to add content, what file types are supported?

AirWatch Teacher Tools supports formats currently supported by the native iOS, including .pdf, .xlsx, .docx, .html and .pptx file types.

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