Instructions for Self Upgrades of the AirWatch Console

Self Upgrade Process

AirWatch now offers the following program for Self Upgrades!

Preparing for a Self Upgrade

AirWatch customers should follow the below process to perform a Self Upgrade:


  • Download the latest AirWatch Installer from the Resource portal.
    • NOTE: If you are doing more than a single version upgrade (e.g. AirWatch 8.2 to AirWatch 8.3) you will also need to download the Database Upgrade Package applicable to your current version from the Resource portal. 
  • Download any Patches for the version you are upgrading to from the Resource portal. 
    • NOTE: There will not always be patches for your version. 
    • NOTE: The deployment instructions are included in the zip file. 

Additional Information

  • Ensure your database has been backed up prior to an upgrade in the event a rollback is necessary.
  • Only administrators with the role AirWatch Technical Administrator are able to access the upgrade files in the Resources portal.  If you do not have access and believe you should, you can update your access settings through the My Company page in My Workspace ONE, or you can contact your Account Executive or Support.
  • Only the latest available Feature Pack for each AirWatch version is available in the My Workspace ONE portal.
  • We recommend that you work with our Upgrades team for your first Console upgrade. An Upgrades agent will walk you through the upgrade process and provide any necessary troubleshooting, and most customers are then comfortable with performing Self Upgrades going forward. However, assistance from our Upgrades team will require purchased services.


If you require assistance from our Upgrades team, please reach out to your Account Executive or our Sales team ( for more information.  If you are unable to view the upgrade files, please contact Account Services & Support or submit a support ticket through My Workspace ONE. 

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