Mobile Kiosks

AirWatch offers you the ability to utilize devices in your mobile fleet as kiosks. Mobile kiosks limit your employees to single website browsing, as well as to specify the applications allowed for use. Devices can act as electronic kiosks at different layers of mobile architecture based on your resources and needs:

Supported Devices

Kiosk mode availability differs based on the device platform and operating system version:

  • Android and iOS devices support web kiosk functionality using the AirWatch Browser.
  • Apple iOS 6+ devices support mobile application kiosks.
  • Android 3.0+ devices support device kiosks.

Note: Devices must be enrolled through Apple Configurator or the Device Enrollment Program to place iOS devices in Supervised mode, which is needed to deploy the Single App Mode payload used for application kiosks.

Kiosk Types

  • Web Kiosks restrict browsing to a specific website or web application and automatically revert to the configured home page after certain period of inactivity.
    • Enable browsing through AirWatch Browser app.
    • Remove all navigation.
    • Define cookies policy.
    • Assign a single homepage URL and force return to homepage at specified inactivity period.
    • Available for iOS and Android devices.

      Note: For more information about configuring a web kiosk, refer to the AirWatch Browser Guide.
  • Mobile Application Kiosks restrict device usage to a single or multiple mobile application which prevents tampering of system functions and unauthorized use.
    • In-app lock down as an electronic kiosk.
    • Device remains only within one specific app.
    • Prevent use of home button from exiting app.
    • Supported on iOS.

      Note: For more information, refer to the iOS Platform Guide.
  • Device Kiosks enforce which specific settings, applications, and device wallpapers are permitted and limit functionality at the device level.
    • Overlay screen to the homepage.
    • Remotely configure allowed applications, background images, allowed widgets, and screen settings via profile.
    • Available for Android 2.3+ and Mac OS X devices.

      Note: For more information, refer to the AirWatch Launcher Guide.

You can implement mobile kiosks in several ways. For example, an educational institution can deploy devices as web kiosks for use by students who need the ability to research a particular web resource, but should not be allowed to browse elsewhere. In the case of application kiosks, a transportation company can deploy iOS devices as application kiosks restricted to an internal app used by employees for specialized tasks like scheduling, booking and logistics. Finally, a retail establishment can deploy devices in device kiosk mode for use in store, utilizing corporate applications for in-store functionality like querying inventory and checking product pricing as well as custom branding to enhance the kiosk functionality.



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