Smart group enhancements in 8.2


AirWatch 8.2 features two major usability improvements to smart groups.  The first allows you to automatically create a smart group during the assignment process of a profile, application, or compliance policy.  This saves you from having to create the smart group prior to assignment, especially in cases where the smart group will match an organization group or user group.  The second improvement allows you to update the assignment of smart groups directly from the Assignment Groups page on the AirWatch Admin Console.  With this functionality you can easily update the assignment of profiles, applications, and compliance rules without needing to navigate through each assignment page separately.

Note that as of 8.2, you can now access smart groups by navigating to Groups & Settings > Groups > Assignment Groups.

Quick Add

When adding a profile, application, or compliance policy to the console, or editing an existing profile/app/policy, smart groups can now be dynamically created directly from the assignment page.  When choosing the Assigned Groups, you will now have the ability to select pre-existing smart groups, organization groups, or user groups.  If a smart group is selected, then the assignment functionality works exactly as it has in previous versions.  However, if an organization group or user group is selected for the assignment, then a smart group will be automatically created and assigned to those users.

When a smart group is dynamically created from an organization group or user group, it is not editable.  This functionality should only be used for cases when the intended target devices of the profile/app/policy exactly matches the devices in the appropriate group.  If further filtering is needed (such as device type or ownership type), then a smart group should still be created.  However, this can still be done when creating or editing a profile/app/policy by selecting the Create a Smart Group option when setting the assignment.

Finally, if a dynamically created smart group is unassigned from all profiles, applications, and compliance policies, it will automatically be deleted by a scheduled background job.  This will help eliminate the clutter of unused assignment groups in the AirWatch Admin Console list views.

Assigning from Assignment Groups page

Additionally, in the AirWatch Admin Console you can now assign profiles, applications, and compliance policies to the appropriate smart groups directly from the Assignment Groups page on the AirWatch Admin Console.  From this page, you can simply select all groups you want to assign in the list view, and then select the Assign option.  Select the appropriate profile/app/policy, and it will update the assignment and show you the tentative list of assigned devices before confirming the change.  

With this functionality, if numerous assignment changes need to be changed (for example, if a number of new settings are deployed, or a number of new groups have been created/updated), then they can be updated from a single page.  However, only a single profile/app/policy can be updated at a time.  Thus, while you can select numerous groups to apply the change to, you much go through the process for each "entity" that is having the assignment change.

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