iOS 9 Custom Profiles

iOS 9 offers a variety of advanced MDM functionality that can be configured through Profiles in AirWatch Admin Console. New iOS 9 features and device restrictions are available in AirWatch Admin Console version 8.1 FP1 and higher. However, we understand that not all customers will be able to upgrade to this version immediately. In order to help these customers, AirWatch built a "custom profiles" feature to allow you to push device profiles and restrictions down to iOS 9 devices.  

The code for these profiles is linked below and can be implemented using the following procedure.

Using Custom Profiles 

The "Custom Settings" payload allows admins to enter their own XML into a profile and apply the profile to devices. Follow the steps below using the iOS 9 code found at the end of this document.

1. Configure the General payload and deployment options as desired.

2. If you would like to include any iOS 9 features that are not available in the UI for your version, you can add the associated XML below to the Custom Settings payload for your profile. 

  • This XML should contain the complete block of code as listed below, from <dict> to </dict>. 
  • Administrators should configure the setting from <true /> to <false /> as desired. 
  • If certificates are required, then configure a Certificate payload within the profile and reference the 'PayloadUUID' in the Custom Settings payload. See further information within the examples below.


iOS 9 Custom Profile XML Code

Use the links below to download custom XML Code. View all custom XML code examples here.

Disable App Store - Supervised only

Disable Apple Watch Pairing - Supervised only

Disable Automatic App Downloads - Supervised only

Disable Device Name Modification - Supervised only

Disable iCloud Photo Library

Disable Keyboard Shortcuts - Supervised only

Disable News App - Supervised only

Disable Passcode Modification - Supervised only

Disable Trusting Unmanaged Enterprise Apps - Supervised only

Disable Wallpaper Modification - Supervised only

Force AirDrop as Unmanaged

Mail Drop Example

Network Usage Rules Example

OS X Server Accounts Example


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