Mac OS X Agent


This document outlines the functionality and updates for the Mac OS X Agent. You can enroll via the AirWatch Agent for OS X starting with Console v7.3 and Agent v2.0. The Agent not available in the Mac App Store but readily available on (when browsing from an OS X browser).


Agent Functionalities

The OS X Agent is required for a majority of our management capabilities. Below is a list of capabilities requiring the Agent to be installed:

  1. Product Provisioning - Including complex software installers, scripts (Apple and Shell), commands, and file management tasks to be completed

  2. App Management - For .app bundles distributed via the App Catalog

  3. GPS Location - Runs all the time; cannot be 'backgrounded'

  4. Disk Encryption - Leverages FileVault 2

  5. Outlook Email Account Management

  6. Passcode Enforcement

  7. Streamlined Enrollment

  8. Push Notifications


Agent Processes & Communication

There are two root Launch Daemons, one Launch Agent that runs as a user process, and an Enrollment app

  1. airwatchd - this is the root process for the agent. All server communication is used by this process

  2. awcmd - this is the root process for AWCM communication - notifications only

  3. AirWatch Agent - User process for the agent. This allows execution of all UI elements and notifications. Additionally, if there are any scripts designed to execute specifically in the user scope, the Agent will execute those.

  4. Enrollment app - This is a simple app that allows the UI for enrollment to display and execute properly without causing any disturbance to the other 3 processes installed on the device.


Agent Updates

Starting with v1.3 of the Agent, along with AirWatch v7.2, Automatic Updates are available. This means that administrators now have the capability to force a silent upgrade of the OS X Agent in order to stay up-to-date and compatible with our ever-growing feature set.

NOTE: If any Agent version lower than 1.3 is installed, the Agent must be upgraded manually in order to leverage the Auto Update features moving forward.

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