Collecting Logs from Android Devices

AirWatch Agent logs

MDM-specific logs can be collected directly from the AirWatch Agent on an Android device. These can be sent to the AirWatch Console for analysis by an administrator. However, these logs are not fully verbose and will only show the logging from AirWatch applications rather than the entire device. Nevertheless, they are useful for an initial look at where a particular issue may lie. Follow the steps below to gather these logs and send them to the AirWatch Console.

  • Logs will be gathered in real time on the device. As such, you will first want to reproduce the specific intended behavior in order to have relevant logs. As soon as the behavior has been reproduced, move on to the next steps.
  • Open the AirWatch Agent and navigate to the Agent settings menu.
  • Choose Send Debug Log.

Android_logs_agent_1.png Android_logs_agent_2.png

  • The logs will be sent to the AirWatch Console. Navigate to Device Details > More > Attachments > Documents for the device in question. All debug logs that have been sent to the console will be available for download.



Dumpstate Logs

Most carriers have a dialer code that can be entered on non-tablet devices to bring up a System Dump menu. From here, verbose device logs and information can be obtained for periods of time prior to the command being run. However, note that Verizon devices do not have this menu available. Follow the steps below to utilize this logging.

  • First, open the phone's dialer and enter *#9900#*. This will open the SysDump menu which has various options for logging. To start, select Run dumpstate/logcat.
  • After this successfully completes, you will see a message indicting where the log file was saved.
  • Choose the option Copy to sdcard(include CP Ramdump).
  • When this successfully completes, you will see a message indicating success.

Android_logs_dumpstate_1.png Android_logs_dumpstate_2.png Android_logs_dumpstate_3.png Android_logs_dumpstate_4.png

  • Connect your device to your PC, and browse to {Device} -> Phone -> log.


  • Select the most recent dumpstate_x.log file and open it into a text editor.


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