Collecting Logs from Windows Phone 8

AirWatch Agent Logs

The AirWatch Agent can be used to gather MDM-specific logs. These can then be sent to an email address or the AirWatch Console directly for further analysis. Follow the steps below to retrieve the Agent logs.

  • Open the AirWatch MDM Agent.
  • Select My Device.
  • Select logs.
  • You will now be viewing the gathered logs on the device. You will be able to choose to send the logs via email or to upload them directly to the AirWatch Console.
  • If you select to email the logs, you will be asked to choose an email address to send them to.
  • If you select to upload them to the AirWatch Console, you will be able to view them by navigating to Device Details > More > Attachments > Documents.


Field Medic Logs

When troubleshooting device-side issues, it is often useful to collect logs from the device itself to develop a better understanding of why a particular issues occurs. AirWatch recommends using Field Medic, a publicly available WP8 app released by Microsoft, to collect device logs. Field Medic can be found here or through the Windows Phone Store.

When troubleshooting an issue, use the following steps to acquire device logs.

  • Open the Field Medic application on the phone.
  • Connect the affected WP8 to your PC using USB.
  • In the Field Medic app, navigate to Advanced Settings and choose which categories need to be logged.
  • Choose to Start Logging.
  • Recreate the issue.
  • Stop logging.
  • Disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Reconnect the device to the PC.
  • You will now see the logs under Windows Phone -> Documents -> FieldMedic.

FieldMedic_default.png FieldMedic_categories.png

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