How AirWatch Protects Against Potential iOS 7 Security Concerns Reported in Media

The release of iOS 7 brings significant new security features and productivity enhancements to institutions using Apple devices for business. Along with this release, however media sources have recently reported potential security concerns with the new operating system. Fortunately, Apple has made available a security feature through MDM to prevent these security issues.


The reported vulnerabilities and resolution are outlined below, and further underscore the importance of the same day support for Apple iOS 7 features from AirWatch, as well as the architecture of "custom profiles" to allow any customers to take advantage of the new security controls from AirWatch regardless of which console version is installed.

Concerns Reported by Common Media Sources

Lock screen bypass

  • A user has demonstrated that a potential flaw in the Control Center and multitasking functions allows anyone to bypass the lock screen on any device that has Control Center enabled.

Find my iPhone

  • The newly added Control Center also allows anyone to put a device into Airplane Mode, regardless if the device is locked, which blocks access to locate via Find My iPhone or wipe via MDM. It is also now possible to activate Airplane Mode through Siri.

Solutions Provided by AirWatch

For customers on AirWatch 6.5:

  • The Control Center can easily be removed from lock screen with an iOS restrictions profile as shown below.


For customers on earlier versions of AirWatch:

  • AirWatch security settings are future proofed by the ability to add custom XML profiles if a feature is not available in the built-in restrictions.
  • The Control Center can be removed by pushing a custom XML payload as shown below. The custom XML that should be pasted into the profile field can be downloaded here. See this article for the full list of custom XML payloads available.



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