How to enable AutoDiscovery enrollment for On-Premise installations


  • AirWatch 6.4 and above

  • Valid AirWatch ID (

  • Network Requirements:
    Source ComponentDestination ComponentDestination HostDestination IPProtocolPort
    AirWatch Console and Device Services Servers

    AirWatch Auto-Discovery Server*

    HTTPS 443
    Devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8)

    AirWatch Auto-Discovery Server*

    HTTPS 443

*AirWatch reserves the right to use any IP within this range

Configure Cloud Services at Global (this is required and not configured by default)

  1. Navigate to Menu – System Configuration – Admin – Cloud Services
  2. Set Auto Discovery Mode to AirWatch ID
  3. Enter a valid AirWatch ID and click Set Identity. Enter your password and click Save.
  4. Verify the HMAC Token is present.
  5. Verify Auto Discovery Enabled is selected.
  6. Click Save.



Validate Device Management web.config

For 6.4 HF2 and below, the AutoDiscoveryURL in the Device Management web config needs to be updated to match the below screenshot.  Update the DNS to 


<add key="AutoDiscoveryUrl" value=""/>

Validate Organization Group Type

Email domains can only be registered for organization groups of type Customer. Validate the type of the group where you want to register the domain. If the Organization Group type is not Customer, the Add Email Domain button will not be visible in System Configuration.




Configure SMTP settings

AirWatch sends a confirmation email during the domain registration process.  This email is sent via the settings configured at Menu - System Configuration - System - Enterprise Integration - Email (SMTP). Confirm the settings are correct and emails can be received from the console.

Register Domains

You are now ready to register email domains by navigating to Menu – System Configuration – Devices & Users – General – Enrollment as described in detail here



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