Using Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb (DND) provides a clean and automated way to halt profile, content and application changes on enrolled devices for a set window of time directly from the AirWatch Admin Console. Integral MDM commands such as device wipe, enterprise wipe, and clear passcode still function when DND is enabled and the device is in DND mode. 

DND mode is particularly useful for devices that are used or displayed in front of customers or guests. Admin messages, app updates and content changes may confuse end-users or disrupt demos and walkthroughs, so the ability to pause any changes allows uninterrupted usage. Once the Do Not Disturb period ends, all queued updates and commands are pushed down to the device automatically. 

As of AirWatch v6.4.1.1, the following commands list includes:  

   Queued During DND Window:

   Sent During DND Window:

  • Profile installation, removal and update.
  • Application installation, removal, update, and redemption code implementation.
  • File installation.
  • Certificate installation.
  • Settings update.
  • Device information request.
  • Passcode clear and change.
  • Enterprise wipe.
  • Device lock.
  • Factory reset.
  • Remote control.
  • Find device.
  • Screen capture.

At this time, DND Mode can only be initiated per device, but an enhancement will be available soon for bulk initiation. 

Enabling DND in the AirWatch Admin Console

DND is enabled at an Organization Group level with the System Configuration. Select the Organization Group you wish to manage and:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Privacy.
  2. Set the 


Initiating DND in the AirWatch Admin Console

Now that DND for the current Organization Group is enabled, locate a specific device to initiate DND mode.

  1. Locate a device from the Device Dashboard or by searching for a device by Friendly Name.
  2. Select the device's name in the top-left corner to access the Device Details page.
  3. Select Mark Do Not Disturb from the Admin command options to initiate DND.


Once a device is in DND Mode, view the DND status either on the Device Dashboard or from the Device Details page, as seen below: 


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