How To Perform an On-Demand Compliance Check Using the AirWatch Agent for iOS


  • AirWatch MDM Agent for iOS v4.2 or higher

Enabling the Self-Service Setting

The AirWatch Agent for iOS has a feature that lets users sync their devices to check for compliance status. This can be useful for users who have Wi-Fi only devices and only turn them on for short periods throughout the day. This is because a device must be turned on and actively communicating with AirWatch servers to receive an up-to-date compliance check. By allowing users to actively sync their devices on-demand, they can be certain their devices are compliant whenever they choose.

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple iOS > Agent Settings. The General tab displays.
  2. Select Self Service Enabled under the Self-Service Setting section. This enables users to log in and then sync their devices from the Status page of My Device in the AirWatch Agent.


Note: If this setting is not enabled, users will see a Send Data button instead of a Sync Device button, the latter of which is detailed below. With Send Data, the device is sending information to the AirWatch Admin Console but not receiving compliance check queries, since they do not stack. In other words, they must be online at the exact moment the AirWatch Admin Console queries for a compliance check. Sync Data will run a compliance check and it will report back to the console and device immediately. This action will also prompt the console to supply the device with any updated/new applications, profiles, etc.

Syncing a Device for Compliance Checks

After installing the AirWatch Agent, tap the Status section that displays your device details. The Status page displays.

Tap Login and enter your password used to enroll this device. Once authenticated, the Sync Device button displays at the top of the screen.


If a device is in violation of policy, Not Compliant will appear under Current Status.


Tap Not Compliant to display a list of policies for which the device is not compliant.


Tap a policy to view more information about it.


From the Policy Status page you can also tap Refresh to perform an on-demand compliance check.

For example, after making the appropriate changes on your device to adhere to compliance policies (for example, creating a passcode or removing blacklisted apps) you can tap Refresh to ensure your device is considered compliant in the system.


Users can tap the Sync Device button at any time to receive compliance check information and confirm their device adheres to corporate policies. 

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