How to Assign Users Automatically by Network IP Range

Use Case

Large deployments across multiple locations, such as many stores in a Retail vertical, may want to apply unique configurations and different enterprise content to devices based on the store they are ultimately shipped to. In order to simplify the process of staging enrollment for numerous devices, enterprises can leverage Network Range Assignments to provision devices based on their IP address. With this method you don't have to worry about the assignment group of the original enrollment user because devices will be re-assigned based on the network range they report back to AirWatch from. 


Procedure to Enable Network Range Assignments 

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Devices & Users > General > Advanced and Enable Network Range Assignment

  2. Navigate to Locations & Groups and click Network Ranges on the bottom left. Once the option to enable Network Range assignment has been checked, the option to define the Network Ranges will be available under Groups & Settings > Organization Groups > Network Ranges

  3. Choose Add Network Range and put in the desired IP range. Make sure the “Name” field corresponds with an existing AirWatch username. This will ensure that the device is assigned to this specific user based on the network range.


Device Configuration Workflow 

  1. Define the users you will associate with the various Network Ranges. 
    • If these are AD users that reside in different User Groups, assign the desired configurations to these respective User Groups
    • If these are Basic users make sure they reside in different Organization Groups to receive different configurations 
  2. Define your process to stage enrollment for numerous devices. 
    • Typically this is done with a shared Basic user account
    • Apple Configurator can also be used to enroll many devices at once 
  3. Devices are then shipped to their various locations or stores.
  4. Once the devices check in from their new Network Ranges they will be re-assigned to the users defined above, and configured with the associated settings. 


  • AirWatch v6.1 SP1 or above 
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