FAQ: AirWatch Launcher

What does the AirWatch Launcher do?

The AirWatch Launcher allows an organization to completely customize the look and behavior of managed Android devices. Administrators can set the wallpaper image, screen count, whitelisted and blacklisted apps, and icon grid layout. Administrators can also enable or disable access to a device’s phone function; contact list; and display, sound, WiFi, Bluetooth, Security, Application and language settings.


Is AirWatch Launcher an app or a Profile?

AirWatch Launcher is an application that replaces the default launcher application for Android devices. In AirWatch version 6.5+, the app is automatically deployed in conjunction with its associated configuration profile to assigned devices. For AirWatch versions below 6.5, the app should be deployed to devices as an internal application. Please contact an AirWatch support representative for access to this application. 



Will it work on all Android devices?

AirWatch Launcher is designed for all Android 2.3 devices and higher.

  • The Kindle Fire HD is the only exception to this rule; it does not allow the native launcher to be replaced, and will not work with the AirWatch Launcher.
  • The AirWatch Launcher works as designed with the original Kindle Fire.


How do I deploy it?

Create a configuration profile in the AirWatch console with the desired settings to deploy to assign enrolled devices.


How do you setup AirWatch Launcher on a device for the first time?

  1. Configure and deploy the configuration profile to the desired devices.
  2. The AirWatch Launcher will prompt you to set this app as the default home screen on the device. Check this box and choose the AirWatch Launcher app.
  3. AirWatch Launcher is now set as the default interface for the device. 



How do you disable or get out of AirWatch Launcher on the device?

Once a device is configured with AirWatch Launcher, a user can bypass settings by entering the Administrative Passcode on the Lock Screen. Device setting can be changed with this Admin Passcode, or online anytime in the Admin Console.


Can you configure widgets through AirWatch Launcher?

Customizing widgets is supported with AirWatch Launcher version 1.3 and above.

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