How to change the time interval for an idle session

1. Login to the AirWatch Console >System Settings> Console Security> Session Management and change the settings here:IDLE_Session.png 

2. As you can see in the information button, if you want to change the time larger than 20 minutes, you will need to jump into IIS and change the IIS settings since the default IIS Session Timeout is 20 minutes. 

3.  Remote to the Console Server, open IIS, find out the application pool that the console service is using:

  •  Right Click on application AirWatch > Manage Applications> Advance Settings 

The default application pool that AirWatch console using is “AirWatch”


4. Find out the IIS IDLE Session Timeout settings : Select the Application Pools > AirWatch> Advanced Settings 


5. Change the Time: 


6. Tips : The IDLE Time-Out(minutes) property of the application pool's process model must be less than the "Regular Time Interval(minutes)" property of the application pool's period restart.



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