What iOS devices versions does AirWatch Support?  

AirWatch supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 6.0 and higher with the latest agent. Apple Watch is supported in the AirWatch Admin Console v8.0FP5. 


What are my options for enrolling a device?


Is the AirWatch Agent (iOS) available worldwide?

Yes, the AirWatch Agent is available worldwide.


Are APNs Certificates required?

Yes, each company must obtain their own APNs certificate to communicate with iOS devices in their enterprise. AirWatch cannot provide or issue a APNs certificate to a customer or prospect; however, we are able to authorize a customer or prospect's request to get a APNs certificate. AirWatch's "signature" on the customer's or prospect's request will allow the request to be part of the new Apple program to fast-track the approval process. This provides AirWatch customers and prospects with a APNs certificate from Apple almost immediately. Instructions for generating a APNs certificate can be found here.


Can AirWatch prevent removal of the Global MDM Profile?

AirWatch can prevent removal of the MDM profile through DEP. 


What security features can AirWatch enforce around iTunes backups?

Although it is not possible to disable iTunes backups altogether, all enterprise content enabled through AirWatch will only be available as long as the device is enrolled. If a backup is restored after a device is deactivated in AirWatch, it will be automatically unenrolled and will loose access to that content. Deploying content through he Secure Content Locker is a great way to ensure that only enrolled devices have access to sensitive material. As part of a restrictions profile, AirWatch can force backups to iTunes to be encrypted with a passcode. Enterprise apps and Exchange-ActiveSync email content will not be included in iTunes backups.

For more information on the items that iTunes backs up, you can reference Apple's KB.


Can AirWatch disable iCloud backups?

Yes - iCloud backups can be restricted or completely disabled with a restrictions profile.


Can AirWatch prevent devices from upgrading to the latest OS version made available by Apple?

Apple does not allow any MDM system to prevent devices from upgrading their operating system. AirWatch can be used to notify users if upgrading is not compatible with corporate policies and can perform automated actions if specified OS versions are detected.


When pushing multiple public apps at a time do users need to enter iTunes credentials for each app?

Yes - Apple iOS 5.0+ will prompt the user to enter the password initially, and then ask if they want to require it immediately each time or only after every fifteen minutes. 


Can AirWatch disable Bluetooth on iOS devices?

Apple has not made any APIs available to disable Bluetooth on devices.


What about managing applications?

AirWatch can manage internal, public, or VPP apps for iOS devices.


Do I have to resign my iOS Enterprise App each year?

Enterprise apps and the provisioning profile are only valid when the enterprise distribution certificate is valid. The enterprise distribution certificate expires after three years of generating the certificate. The provisioning profile expires within one year of creation or when the enterprise distribution certificate expires, whichever is closer. This means you can renew provisioning profiles for applications without creating a new application version two times during a three-year period.

Both the .ipa (App) and distribution certificate will need to be redeployed to the device through AirWatch before the certificate expires or the Enterprise App on the device will no longer run.


Is AirWatch able to restrict access to the Apple Music app?

As of AirWatch 8.0 FP8, AirWatch does not have the ability to disable the Music App or iTunes Radio introduced in iOS 8.4.

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