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What Versions of BlackBerry does AirWatch support? 

AirWatch 6.4 is compatible with the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system as well as legacy BlackBerry operating systems 5-7.1.


Is GPS tracking available for BlackBerry devices? 

Yes - the AirWatch Agent introduces the ability to capture GPS data for BlackBerry devices.


Does AirWatch support the BlackBerry Playbook?

No, AirWatch currently does not support the BlackBerry Playbook due to the differences in application installation between the Playbook and other BlackBerry devices.


To what extent does AirWatch integrate with BES?

AirWatch is not meant to replace a BES server for BlackBerry devices, but integration with AirWatch provides a single management console for all device types. AirWatch supports BES 5.0.3. BES Integration for AirWatch 5.17+ includes the ability to automatically pull device info for devices currently managed by BES and sync that list to a location group in AirWatch. This includes user and app information for those devices as well. The AirWatch administrator has the ability to use BES to perform reset password, remote lock, enterprise wipe, and a full device wipe of each BlackBerry mobile device. BES 10 integration is not available at this time.

Note: BES integration requires the AirWatch Enterprise Integration Service (EIS) for SaaS customers.


Is AirWatch compatible with enterprises using just BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) without a BES server?

Yes - devices can enroll using the Agent as normal and Admins can perform the regular actions available through the console. The only functionality not available without a BES server is the ability to change password or perform a full device wipe on devices.


Does the Secure Email Gateway support BlackBerry devices?

Yes for BlackBerry 10 devices. For MEM, the SEG/Proxy model with Exchange 2007/2003, Lotus Notes, or any other EAS infrastructure provides management visibility for BlackBerry 10 email traffic and controls device access to email systems. No for legacy BlackBerry devices. The SEG only supports traffic for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Legacy BlackBerry devices do not natively use EAS but rather use Outlook Web Access from a BIS or BES server to get email.


Does AirWatch Support BES Express?

BES express does not expose the required web services for AirWatch to properly integrate with it.


How do I adjust the Backlight Timeout and the Backlight Brightness?

Menu > Profiles > Add Profiles > BlackBerry > Device

Here you can change the time intervals on both of these settings.


If automatically Dim back light "option under screen display is ticked, it has precedence and default values will apply over the values pushed by the profile. So to verify that time out value pushed by the profile is applied make sure the automatically Dim back light option is not ticked. We do not have control over the automatically Dim back light option.


What does an Enterprise Wipe do?

Enterprise Wipes on BlackBerry 10 devices blocks devices from accessing email. Enterprise Wipes on Legacy BlackBerry devices issues an Organization Wipe on the BES server and removes all corporate data on the device. Device Wipes on all BlackBerry devices returns them to factory defaults and destroys all data on the device.


Does AirWatch Support older versions of BES?

No, earlier versions of BES do not provide sufficient APIs to enable integration


Do I need BES 10 to manage BlackBerry 10 devices in AirWatch?

No, you do not need BES 10 because AirWatch can perform the following actions for BlackBerry 10 devices:

  • Asset tracking
  • Track GPS location

If your network includes PowerShell Service and Exchange 2013/2010 or Office 365, then AirWatch also can use EAS integration and perform the following additional actions for BlackBerry 10 devices:

  • Push a passcode profile
  • Perform a device wipe


What does AirWatch use EAS integration for on BlackBerry 10 devices?

AirWatch pushes a passcode profile to BlackBerry 10 devices and performs device wipes.


Do BlackBerry 10 devices integrate in to the AirWatch MEM feature? 

Yes, BlackBerry 10 devices integrate with the AirWatch MEM feature through two models:

  • The PowerShell model with Exchange 2013/2010 or Office 365 provides management visibility for BlackBerry 10 email traffic, controls device access to email systems, pushes Passcode profiles and issues device wipes.
  • The SEG/Proxy model with Exchange 2007/2003, Lotus Notes, or any other EAS infrastructure provides management visibility for BlackBerry 10 email traffic and controls device access to email systems. However, to push Passcode profiles and issue device wipes, your mobile infrastructure must use the PowerShell service and Exchange 2013/2010 or Office 365.
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