How to Activate additional Languages and Change AirWatch Console Default Language

Admin Accounts have a "Locale" or language setting associated with their account. If your desired language is not included in the drop down menu of options you can activate it for use.

1. Navigate to Menu > Advanced > Language Management

2. Choose the Language Activation tab

3. Select your desired languages from the list on the left and use the arrows to add them to the Active Locales column. 


Language settings for end-users during enrollment will be determined by the language configuration on their device.


For iOS language settings can be found under Settings > General > International. For Androd these can be found under Settings > Language & keyboard. 


How to Change AirWatch Console Default Language

AirWatch Web Console allows the language to be set both for a specific user and/or a specific location.

1. Change the default language for current user.

  1. Login into the console
  2. Menu->Advanced->Language Management
  3. Select the Language Activation on the left, add the language from the “Inactive Locales” to “Active Locales”


  • Save
  • Click on the Right Top Corner " Account" Button


  • Change the Default Local to the new Language 


  • Re-Login, your AirWatch console is now shown as a new language 

2. Change the default language for other console admin users

  • Navigate to Menu > Account> Administrators, select the user and click on the edit button

  • Change the default locale

3. Change the default language for a location group

  • Navigate to Menu > Configuration > Location and Groups
  • Change the default locale for the location group 

4. Override the Incorrect Translation

The Localization Editor is used to edit specific words or phrases that do not translate properly to the desired language. Browse to Menu > Language Management


  • The Localization Editor is displayed by default.
  • Choose the Locale you wish to edit and click Search
  • Find the word or phrase that is incorrect and click on the Actions menu. Select Create Override.
  • Make the desired changes and save to apply the language override 
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