How to use the Dedicated SaaS Upgrade Scheduler

Dedicated SaaS Upgrade Scheduler

Customers with Dedicated SaaS VMware Workspace ONE environments can now request an upgrade to their environment through the My Company page on the My Workspace ONE website.

The Upgrade Scheduler tool gives customers real-time availability of time-slots during which they can schedule an environment upgrade to a later VMware Workspace ONE version. The tool also give them the option to choose any version of VMware Workspace ONE that is higher than their current version – from the next feature pack to the latest available major version.

Note: If a customer encounters issues with accessing and using the Scheduler, please call your local support line or submit a Support Request via My Workspace ONE


Requesting an Upgrade

Administrators of Dedicated SaaS environments which are not on the latest version of VMware Workspace ONE can make an upgrade request using the Upgrade Scheduler tool. They can do this by logging on to their My Workspace ONE account and navigating to the My Company page.

The My Company page will show buttons to request upgrades for any eligible environments. The request process can be started by selecting the Upgrade This Environment button on the corresponding environment.

The user can then select what version of VMware Workspace ONE the environment needs to be upgraded to from the drop-down menu. If the specific version is known, it can be searched in the search box.


The user can then select an available slot from the displayed calendar – these slots are made available by the SaaS Operations team. For more details around the standard upgrade slots, please refer to the Dedicated SaaS Overview.


Once the version has been selected and the requested slot specified, the user must confirm by selecting the Yes, This Is What I Want button. Confirming this will reserve the slot. A support ticket will be created and placed in SaaS Operations ticket queue. This ticket will be visible to the customer in the VMware Workspace ONE Support website.



After the upgrade has been scheduled, the My Company page will display details of the scheduled upgrade, as well as allow the user to reschedule or cancel the upgrade.


Weekend Upgrades

Upon request, VMware may provide after-hours weekend upgrade windows. Such after-hours windows are subject to additional costs. Contact your Account Representative for more details.
Supported weekend upgrades windows are:

  • Friday 9 PM to 1 AM ET
  • Saturday 8 AM to 12 PM ET

Note: All times are noted in Eastern Time Zone, USA.


Rescheduling an Upgrade

If the user chooses to reschedule the upgrade, they will be taken back to the scheduling page, where they will have the option to select a different version and a different time-slot. Confirming will reserve the newly selected slot, and make the previous slot available for scheduling again. The SaaS Operations ticket will be updated with the new slot information.


Canceling an Upgrade

If the user chooses to cancel the scheduled slot, they will be prompted to confirm that the slot should be cancelled. Confirming the cancellation will make the slot available again, and the My Company page will revert to showing the Upgrade Available button again. The SaaS Operations ticket will be updated with the slot cancellation.



Upgrade Complete

Once the environment has been upgraded to the requested version by the SaaS Operations team, the My Company page will show details of the completed upgrade. This information will be visible on the My Company page for a period of two weeks after the upgrade was completed.


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