Getting Started with VMware Identity Manager

VMware Identity Manager Overview

Included with purchases of either Blue or Yellow AirWatch Bundles, VMware Identity Manager provides secured access to corporate applications anytime, anywhere, and across all devices and platforms. Get started today and provide a single sign-on experience to cloud apps, single portal access for employee work applications, and conditional access control to apps based on device, network, and user.



Beginning in June 2015, all AirWatch prospects completing a trial of the AirWatch Mobility Management Bundle will automatically be registered for a VMware Identity Manger tenant trial. This tenant features full Identity Manager functionality, access to documentation and AirWatch support for the 30 day trial period. When you receive your AirWatch activation email, you will also receive a VMware Identity Manager activation email. 

To begin deployment and configuration of VMware Identity Manager you will want to make sure you have everything you need to get started. The URL, Username, Password and Activation Code were included in your activation email. Your activation code is used to establish communication between your tenant and your connector instance. The VMware Identity Manager Connector virtual appliance OVA will be required for set up (download from link below). 

Deploy the Connector OVA and use the Setup wizard to activate your tenant. Once completed, you will use the administration console to configure your Active Directory information and setup your authentication methods.

*VMware vSphere server virtulization platform and vSphere client is required to deploy the OVA file. For more information please see the Install guide at the bottom of this page.  To know more about vSphere and how to make a purchase, click here or contact your VMware or AirWatch Account Manager.

Integrating with LDAP

VMware Identity Manager uses your Active Directory infrastructure for user authentication and management. Using the administration console, configure the information to connect to your Active Directory. You can select users and groups to sync with the VMware Identity Manager directory. This will enable you to provide SSO to all SAML compliant apps creating a seamless end user experience.

The Active Directory connection can be using Active Directory over LDAP or Active Directory Integrated Windows Authentication. Active Directory over LDAP connection supports DNS Service location lookup by default. With Active Directory Integrated Windows Authentication, you configure the domain to join. 


Console Management

The VMware Identity Manager administration console provides the management interface for your tenant. You can use the administration console to configure your directory sync to Active Directory, managing users and groups, add resources to the catalog, and set up and manage authentication and access policies. The tasks in the administration console are organized by tabs.


The User engagement dashboard can be used to monitor user and resource usage. This dashboard displays information about who signed in, which applications are being used, and how often they are being used. You can create reports to track users and groups activities and resource usage.



Users and Groups

In the Users and Groups tab, you can manage and monitor users and groups imported from Active Directory, create new groups, and entitle users and groups to resources.



The Catalog is the repository for all resources that you can entitle to users. In the Catalog tab, you can add Web applications from the cloud application catalog, create a new application, group applications into categories, and access information about each resource.



Identity & Access Management

The Identity & Access Management tab contains the Manage and Setup screens. The Manage screen allows you to set up your directory connection to Active Directory and sync users and groups to the directory. You can also configure a third-party identity provider, recover passwords for users, enable/manage authentication methods and set policies. 

Use the Setup screen to setup the connector service, apply customer branding, define user attributes and define network ranges.


Documentation and Support Resources

Your VMware Identity Manager trial includes access to documentation and support from the VMware Workspace ONE Team. To request support contact your dedicated AirWatch Account Executive.

Additional information can be found here: 

  • SaaS Deployments: Reference the VMware Identity Manager Cloud documentation here
  • On-Premises Deployments: Reference the On-Premises documentation here
  • Install Files can be obtained from the My VMware portal or you can search for the application or installer in the My Workspace ONE portal. If you cannot find the installer, please reach out to support.
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