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Socialcast is an enterprise social community that enables corporations to collaborate effectively within their organizations to share new ideas with real-time feedback for faster innovation, keep track of tasks without excessive emails or meetings and achieve more when people, systems and projects are in one place.

Activating your Socialcast community

Beginning in April 2015, all AirWatch prospects completing a trial of the AirWatch Collaborate bundle will automatically be registered for a Socialcast trial community. This community features full Socialcast functionality, access to documentation and AirWatch support, and no user limit for the 30 day trial period. When you receive your AirWatch activation email, you will also receive a Socialcast activation email, shown below. Click the link to activate and begin using your Socialcast community.

Setting up Socialcast

Community Theme

To configure your own theme, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Setup > Theme. Here you can upload your company logo and select a theme you would like to use for your community.

New User Orientation

To configure what your end users see when they first activate their account in the Socialcast console, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Setup > New User Orientation. Here you can customize what shows up on the log in page for your community, the message they see in their invitations sent from your Socialcast community and what groups to show users to join during their activation.

Profile Fields

To modify the options that are available to a user in their profile, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Setup > New User Orientation. Here you can choose what contact options show up in a users profile and what information you would like them to include in their Profile. Examples include language skills, certifications, product expertise, areas of expertise, etc.

Stream Options

To configure what shows up on the Company stream, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Setup > Stream. Here you can set up a profanity filter for words you would like to be censored when being used in your community. Please note that you would need to specify every form of the banned word. This includes the singular and plural forms of the word and all the tenses of the word.

You can also specify what would show up in the company stream which includes business systems like Sharepoint and Jira, and group messages. In addition, you can choose whether you want users to have the ability to share messages or not.

Add Departments & Business Units

To add departments and business units that reflect the structure of your company, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Setup > Business Units. Adding departments and business units provides more context for users as they can associate themselves to it. This also helps when collecting analytics on how your community is interacting between departments.

Attachment Settings

To configure attachment settings and integrate with AirWatch content, navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Security > Attachments. On this page you can configure the maximize size for attachments uploaded by users. You can add whitelists and blacklists on the file types that get shared in your community. In addition, you can integrate with your AirWatch Content by simply completing the fields for AirWatch Domain, your console URL, and AirWatch API Key, your REST API Key. Integrating with AirWatch Content will allow users to link directly to content in their Personal Content repository.

Add Groups

Groups allow users to post discussions and collaborate based on certain topics. To add groups to your Socialcast community, hover over Groups and select the "+" icon.

You will then be prompted to enter a name for your Group and a brief description. You can select the Group Permissions you would like to give the group and select additional settings you want for the Group. Once you content with your settings and have uploaded a group image, select Create Group.

Add Users

To add users to your community, select "Invite Colleagues" on the right on your Socialcast home screen. You can invite other by entering their email address or simply by uploading a .csv file containing all the email addresses  to the socialcast website. 

Socialcast also supports LDAP which allows a community to automatically set up new users by importing user information from a centralized database.


Additional Documentation and Support Resources

Your Socialcast trial includes access to documentation and support from the VMware Workspace ONE Team. To request support please contact your dedicated AirWatch Account Executive.

Additional documentation can be found at the following resources:

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