Getting Started - Advanced Content (7.1)


Managing Personal Content


The AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL) features a personal content repository where users can add and securely access files from the SCL on their device. Personal content can be added and managed in the Secure Content Locker, from any computer or device web browser, or using SCL Desktop Sync. 


Users can share individual documents from their personal content repository by sending secure download links from the Self Service Portal.  Users can also share entire content folders by adding other users as collaborators.

Enabling Personal Content

Enable personal content by navigating to Content > Settings > Personal Content and select the option to Enable Personal Content.


Define the Storage Limit for personal content and select if users will be able to share links to documents and share personal content folders with other users for collaboration as well as email notification and data loss prevention settings.



Managing Personal Content from the Self Service Portal

Users can use the Self Service Portal (SSP) to upload, create, rename, move, and delete content and folders for Android and iOS devices. 


Access the SSP by navigating to https://<Enrollment URL>/MyDevice and log in with your enrollment Group ID, Username, and Password. Select the Manage Content tab.



Syncing Personal Content from a Desktop

Another important feature of Personal Content is the ability to sync to desktop folders with AirWatch SCL Sync. This allows you to simultaneously add content to the SSP and the SCL at a folder level from your PC.


  • PC Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Enable AirWatch SCL Sync  and SCL Sync Download: Navigate to Content > Settings > Applications > AirWatch SCL Sync 


Installing SCL Sync

AirWatch SCL Sync can be downloaded from the SSP and installed on a PC for easy, secure access to your desktop's folders and content.

  1. Navigate to My Content within the SSP.
  2. Click the AirWatch SCL Sync.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Once AirWatch SCL Sync is installed, content can be added to the SCL and SSP via the syncing client. All content that is synced updates at configured intervals to ensure that documents are always viewed in their most current state.


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