Lesson 15 - Configuring Enrollment Settings


  • Creating Device Restrictions
  • Customizing Enrollment Settings


Each device in your fleet must be enrolled to communicate with AirWatch and receive configurations. AirWatch allows you to customize enrollment for different organization groups by specifying authentication methods, enforcing terms of use acceptance, restricting enrollment to specific users and device types, and enabling user prompts. To quickly enroll devices as a new customer or trial user, AirWatch recommends using the default settings.


Creating Device Restrictions



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To create enrollment restrictions:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > Settings > Enrollment and select the Restrictions tab.
  2. Click Override at the top to configure new settings for the Organization Group, then click Save at the bottom of the page to verify the override.
  3. Select Add Policy to create a custom enrollment restriction such as by platform, OS version, Enterprise or number of enrolled devices.



  1. List a name for the policy and select whether the policy will affect particular User Groups, or apply as a Default Policy for the Organization Group.
  2. Select the device ownership and enrollment types that the policy will apply to, and de-select "Unlimited" if you would like to create more granular polices.
  3. Device enrollment can be limited by user, as well by device level restrictions such as Platform, Model, OS version, and Enterprise Version.
  4. Click Save to create the policy.



  1. Assign restriction policies per user group by selecting Edit Group Policies
  2. Designate which policies are assigned to configured user groups. 



Customizing Enrollment Settings



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To update additional enrollment settings:

1. Click Configure from the Directory Enrollment section of the Getting Started Wizard, or navigate to Accounts > Settings  > Enrollment.




 2. Click through the following tabs to customize enrollment settings.  Enrollment settings are inherited by child organization groups by default.  You can decide to override these settings at other organization groups.



Add Email Domain 

Register your email domain with the AirWatch AutoDiscovery Service to use during enrollment.


Select allowed authentication modes, restrict enrollment to registered devices only, require agent enrollment for iOS devices.

Terms of Use 

Define enrollment Terms of Use by language and device platform


Select default device ownership for enrolled devices, configure user group mapping


Restrict enrollment to specified device platforms, models, operating systems; enforce a limit on number of enrolled devices per user

Optional Prompt 

Request additional details from the user during enrollment such as asset number, email settings, and device ownership


Define enrollment support contact details


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