Lesson 8 - Managing your devices


  • Viewing devices in the dashboard
  • Using the AirWatch Hub

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AirWatch allows administrators to manage and monitor enrolled devices using the Dashboard and the Hub.

Viewing devices in the dashboard  


The dashboard provides a management summary for your fleet of devices. You can use the Dashboard to monitor device data and perform administrative actions. To begin, navigate Devices > Dashboard

Select any of the graphs to view a list of devices matching that filter criteria, or navigate to Devices > List View. Create filters and perform administrative actions on devices such as Send Message, Lock, Enterprise Wipe, and more.


To view details for a specific device, click the device’s Friendly Name in the Device List View to pull up the device details. This panel will show details like the device’s security state, current profiles and applications, certificates installed on the device and user information. Explore these settings for your newly enrolled device.


Using the AirWatch Hub  


The AirWatch Hub provides a central location where you can easily view and act on critical information. The Hub provides insight into Enrollment, Compliance, Profiles, Applications, Content, Telecom, Email, and Certificates.  Clicking any graph in the middle of the page to display a detailed breakdown of the results. This page can be customized by clicking the Tool icon in the top right corner, and exported by PDF by clicking the Export icon.

Access the Hub by clicking Hub in the top navigation menu.


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