Lesson 7 - Enforcing privacy and terms of use compliance


  • Configuring privacy policies
  • Enforcing terms of use acceptance


AirWatch allows administrators to configure what information is collected and displayed from devices based on device ownership.  Administrators can also enforce enrollment and application terms of use.

Configuring privacy policies  

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Enrolled devices can be classified into four ownership categories: Corporate Dedicated, Corporate Shared, Employee Owned, and Unassigned.  Administrators may want to collect and display different information from these devices.  For example, you may want to collect GPS and Telecom data from corporate owned devices but not employee owned devices.  


To configure privacy policies:

  1. Click Privacy from the Getting Started Wizard or navigate to Devices > Settings > Devices & Users > General > Privacy.

  2. Verify that the correct Organization Group is selected at the top.
  3. For each item and ownership, define if you wan to Collect and Display, Collect but do not display, or Do not Collect the data.
  4. Define allowed commands for each device ownership.  Options include Allow or Prevent. In the example below, we are preventing Full Wipe on Employee Owned and Unassigned devices.
  5. Click Save.

Enforcing terms of use acceptance  

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Administrators can specify terms of use that users must accept to enroll their devices.  Terms of Use can be defined for specific platforms and lanuages.


To configure enrollment Terms of Use:

  1. Click Terms of Use from the Getting Started Wizard or navigate to Devices > Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Terms of Use.


2. Check the box to Require Enrollment Terms of Use Acceptance.

3. Click Add Enrollment Terms.

4. Name your terms of use, select the language and platforms assigned and enter your text.

5. Click Save.



In addition to enrollment, custom Terms of Use can also be created and assigned to applications as well as administrator console access. AirWatch allows the granularity to define custom Terms of Use for individual applications across all types (public, internal, purchased), which can be configured at Groups & Settings / All Settings / System / Terms of Use. Additionally, Administrators can track user acceptance for all Terms of Use from the User Details page by clicking on the respective user's friendly name, and then Terms of Use.




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