Lesson 1 - Getting Started Wizard


  • Logging into the AirWatch Console
  • Accessing the Getting Started Wizard

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Logging into the AirWatch Console

The first step to managing your devices is to log into your AirWatch console using the provided URL and credentials. If this is your first time logging in, you will also be required to change your password and set security questions. The main page after logging in is the Dashboard; from here navigate to the Getting Started option in the Menu.


Accessing the Getting Started Wizard

The Getting Started Wizard is broken out into 3 tracks, Mobile Device Management, Content Management, and Application Management.  Each track includes a list of items that will assist you in configuring your AirWatch environment to help maximize its capabilities. Select Continue for the track you want to complete to view the steps.


The following lessons will guide you through completing the items on the Getting Started Wizard.

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