AirWatch Lessons Overview

This guide is designed to walk you through the basics of AirWatch, such as managing your first device, to the more complex features like Directory integration using the AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC). We recommend you follow these in order, using a test device to complete the procedure in each Lesson. If you run into any issues along the way, please contact our Trial Support line either by email, phone, or chat.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started Wizard

    • Logging into the AirWatch Console
    • Accessing the Getting Started Wizard
    • Completing Advanced Settings

Lesson 2 - Completing Initial Setup

    • Creating an Apple Certificate
    • Registering an Email Domain

Lesson 3 - Enrolling and managing your first device

    • Creating a basic user
    • The enrollment process for each platform: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8
    • Managing devices via the Dashboard and Hub

Lesson 4 - Configuring your mobile security policies

    • Enforcing a passcode and encryption
    • Enforcing device restrictions
    • Enforcing compliance policies

Lesson 5 - Creating and managing your configuration profiles

    • Creating a configuration profile
    • Adding a configuration payload to profile
    • Managing your profiles

Lesson 6 - Deploying mobile applications

    • Deploying public applications
    • Deploying internal applications
    • Deploying the app catalog

Lesson 7 - Enforcing privacy and terms of use compliance

    • Configuring privacy policies
    • Enforcing terms of use acceptance

Lesson 8 - Managing your devices

    • Viewing devices in the dashboard
    • Using the AirWatch Hub

Lesson 9 - Organizing your devices into groups

    • Configuring Organization Groups
    • Configuring Smart Groups
    • Configuring User Groups

Lesson 10 - Configuring and securing email on your devices

    • AirWatch Email solutions
    • Configuring your devices for email
    • Enable the Secure Email Gateway
    • Enable PowerShell Integration

Lesson 11 - Managing content on your devices

    • Publishing a document
    • Deploying Content Locker
    • Using the Content Dashboard
    • Content repository integration using the Mobile Access Gateway
    • Supported filetypes

Lesson 12 - Integrating AirWatch with your corporate resources

    • Installing the AirWatch Cloud Connector
    • Installing the Mobile Access Gateway

Lesson 13 - Directory Integration

    • Configuring Directory Services
    • Configuring Directory Enrollment

Lesson 14 - Setting up additional Administrators

    • Creating Administrator Accounts
    • Creating Admin Account Roles
    • Using multi-tenancy for delegated administration

Lesson 15 - Configuring Enrollment Settings

    • Creating Device Restrictions
    • Customizing Enrollment Settings

Lesson 16 - Integrating with Certficate Authorities

    • Configuring Certificate Authorities
    • Configuring Certificate Templates



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