Lesson 3 - Enrolling and managing your first device


  • Creating a basic user
  • The enrollment process for each platform
  • Managing devices via the Dashboard and Hub



In this section of the Getting Started Wizard you will create a basic user and enroll a device. Device enrollment can be thought of as a mutual handshake - the user allowing the device to be managed, and the server allowing the device to receive configurations. 


Create a basic user



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A user can be associated to multiple devices, but each device can only be associated to one user at a time. Users are classified based on their Security Type which dictates how that account will authenticate to the AirWatch Server. This step will take you through creating a Basic user account. Basic user account credentials are stored locally in the AirWatch database.


From the Getting Started Wizard:


1. Select Create a new user and then Next.



2. Complete the required fields. To create the user's account and send the message, click Save.



Additional users can be created and managed by navigating to Menu > Users > List View


Types of enrollment Users

In AirWatch, devices are enrolled to specific users. These users are classified based on their authentication type. The explanation of each user type is given below.

  • Basic – Basic user's passwords are kept local to AirWatch. They will not be synced with a corporate Directory.
  • Directory – Directory users and their attributes are synced with your company Directory. To use a Directory user, you will first need to configure Directory Services settings. Note: This is a one-way sync.  AirWatch will never write to your company's Directory.2
  • Authentication Proxy – This type of user can authenticate to any HTTP Basic endpoint. A typical use case would be authenticating users to an in house web app.
  • SAML – AirWatch supports SAML 2.0 for federated authentication of users from a SAML Identity Provider server. This option requires configuration of Identity Provider settings prior to use.


The Enrollment Process

You are now ready to enroll a device. The enrollment process varies slightly across platforms, so you may reference the instructions for each: AndroidApple iOSWindows Phone 8BlackberryMac OSX, Windows 8 and Windows Mobile


To begin, find the activation message you sent to your user via email or use the instructions shown on the screen. Use the instructions and details listed to enroll your device.


In this example we will enroll an iOS device:

  1. Open the browser on the device and navigate to awagent.com. This website will prompt you to open or install the AirWatch MDM Agent application.
  2. If the agent is installed, open it.  Otherwise, download the agent from the app store and launch it.agent_itunes.pngiOS_enrollment.jpg
  3. If you registered your email domain with the AirWatch AutoDiscovery Service, enter your Corporate Email Address and click Continue.
  • If you have not registered your email domain with the AirWatch AuoDiscovery Service, click Continue without email address and enter your Server URL and Group ID. For example: https://ds11.airwatchportals.com or https://ds156.awmdm.com.

  1. Enter the credentials of the enrollment user and press Enroll.
  2. You may be prompted to accept a EULA. If you wish for your users to accept a EULA, you may configure one in the AirWatch Console. Follow the prompts and install the MDM Profile and any additional profiles.

Managing devices via the Dashboard and Hub



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The dashboard provides a management summary for your fleet of devices. Now that your first device is enrolled, you can use the Dashboard to monitor the device fleet and take administrative action. To begin, navigate Devices > Dashboard. Each graphical display can be clicked to view a list of devices falling into the respective category. 



To view details for a specific device, navigate to Devices > List View and can click the device’s Friendly Name or search for it directly using the filter grid. This panel will show details like the device’s security state, current profiles and applications, certificates installed on the device and user information. Explore these settings for your newly enrolled device.




Utilize the AirWatch Hub as your central portal for fast access to critical information. Quickly identify important issues or devices and take action from a single location in the AirWatch Admin Console. Upon filtering down to specific sets of devices, send a message to those devices directly from the Hub asking each user to correct the issue at hand.




The Hub provides summary graphs and detailed views of devices according the categories Devices, Compliance, Profiles, Apps, Content, Telecom, Email, and Certificates. Export the Hub to a printable, PDF format.

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