Getting Started - Customization (7.0)

Customizing the AirWatch Console

There are several ways to customize your AirWatch Admin console.  AirWatch allows administrators to implement custom branding, update languages and localization, and enforce custom Terms of Use for administrators who log into the Admin console.

Custom Branding

Administrators can customize the AirWatch console with custom icons and colors.  Below are a few examples of organization groups with custom branding.






Enable Custom Branding

To configure your own custom branding, navigate to Groups & Settigns > All Settings > System > Branding. Use the Branding and Theme tabs to upload icons and select custom colors. The Advanced tab allows you to enter custom CSS settings.




The AirWatch Admin console can be used in several languages.  Administrators can select which languages are available to their users and update translations for individual words or phrases.

Activate Languages

To activate additional languages, navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Localization > Language Activation.  If the language you would like to use is not currently activated, override the current settings. Highlight the inactive language, click the arrow the move the language to the Active side, and click save.


Once the language is active, it can be selected as an admin account’s locale.




Localization Editor

Administrators are also able to customize the words and phrases throughout the AirWatch admin console. 


Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Localization > Localization Editor.  Search for the word or phrase you want to update and click the Add Override icon on the right side.  This will allow you to edit and customize your selection.



Terms of Use

AirWatch administrators can customize the Terms of Use agreements for enrollment users, admin users, and Applications. AirWatch can alert users when Terms of Use agreements are updated to ensure users and administrators accept all updates.

Configure Terms of Use

Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Terms of Use and click Add Terms of Use. Specify a Name, Type, and Language before adding and formatting your terms of use in the text box.




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