Getting Started - Shared Device (6.5)

Manage Multi-User Devices with Shared Device Mode

AirWatch offers the ability to share mobile devices among your employees with either a single fixed configuration used by all end-users or unique configuration settings.  The Shared Device feature allows multiple users to use the same device, guaranteeing enterprise security while providing a personalized experience for end users. Shared devices can be configured to share the same profiles or customized profiles, based on the user specific role or group membership.


Shared Device Mode can be used across multiple industries. Students can check out a device during class and do class work with their unique material.  When the student checks the device back in, the device is set back to a blank, unassigned state available for the next student to check out.  In a hospital setting, physicians are able to check out a device and review confidential patient notes.  After the device is checked in, the information is no longer available.  In retail stores, store associates are able to record inventory, look up product prices, and securely store customer information. 


  • AirWatch MDM Agent v4.2+ for iOS
  • AirWatch 6.2+
  • Device enrolled to Organization Group that has Shared Device Mode enabled

Enabling Shared Device Mode

To enable Shared Device mode, navigate to Menu - System Configuration - Devices & Users - General - Shared Device.


There are two ways to utilize AirWatch Shared Device functionality.  Select Fixed Organization Group to limit your managed devices to settings and content applicable to a single Organization Group.  Each end-user that checks out a device will have access to the same settings, applications, and content.  


Conversely, do not select Fixed Organization Group to have more flexibility among shared device configurations.



Checking Devices Out/In

To check out a device:

  1. Launch the AirWatch agent on the device
  2. Enter your Group ID, Username, and Password
  3. Select Check Out


To check in a device:

  1. Launch the AirWatch agent on the device
  2. Navigate to My Devices
  3. Select Check In and then “Yes” when prompted.



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