Getting Started - Telecom Management (7.0)

Managing Telecom with AirWatch


The AirWatch telecom management solution allows you to configure and assign telecom plans to devices across your mobile fleet based on preconfigured criteria.   Within the AirWatch Admin Console, you have the ability to track device data usage, voice usage and SMS messaging, automatically assign plans to mobile assets and perform compliance actions if usage limits are exceeded.  Telecom Management also allows the admin to control roaming usage and generate/export telecom data reports.


Telecom monitoring and management capabilities differ based on device model and operating system:

  • For Android devices, AirWatch can collect data usage, voice usage and SMS message data with Android Agent 3.2+
  • For Apple iOS, AirWatch supports data usage with iOS Agent 4.1+
  • For BlackBerry devices, AirWatch supports voice usage and SMS message data

Enabling Telecom Management

The first step to collecting telecom data is to enable telecom for your organization group.  The second step is to enable data collection and privacy settings on applicable devices.  


    1. To enable telecom for your organization group, navigate to Telecom > Settings > All Settings > Telecom > General and select Enable Telecom Management.




    1. To enable telecom on iOS devices, navigate to Devices > Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Apple iOS > Agent Settings and enable Telecom.  




    1. To enable telecom for Android devices, navigate to Devices > Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Agent Settings and enable Call Logs, SMS Logs, and Cellular Data Usage.




  1. Telecom usage for BlackBerry can be enabled using a device profile.  Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View and create a new BlackBerry profile to configure the Telecom payload as desired. Please refer to the Telecom Management Guide for more information on the BlackBerry Telecom payload.



Using the Telecom Dashboard

To access the Telecom Dashboard, navigate to Telecom > Usage from the AirWatch Admin Console.  From this view, three graphs are displayed representing Voice Usage, Message Usage and Data Usage statistics.  Below the graphs is a device list that allows you to view, sort and search devices for various telecom data.




To access the Telecom Roaming Dashboard, navigate to Menu - Telecom - Telecom Management - Telecom Roaming.  At the top of the dashboard, three graphs are displayed representing Monthly Roaming Overview, Roaming Approval and Roaming Data Usage.



Managing Telecom Data


AirWatch allows you to configure the privacy settings to specify exactly what data elements are collected and/or displayed within the AirWatch Admin Consol.  To control privacy settings, navigate to Menu - System Configuration - Devices & Users - General - Privacy.  Click the icon representing how to manage telecom data collection for the specific element and device ownership.





AirWatch allows you to create telecom plans and assign plans to groups of devices. To create a telecom plan, navigate to Menu – Telecom Management and select Plans under Configuration. From the Telecom Management dashboard, you can view detailed information about telecom plan usage for a specific device.  The Plan Usage Details window contains three views; Home, Daily Usage and Roaming.  The Home view shows the current status of the device.  The Daily Usage view shows telecom usage by calendar date.  And the Roaming view shows Roaming Status of the device.  Please refer to the Telecom Management Guide for more details regarding each view.


Using compliance policies, you can determine which telecom data types to monitor, specify percentage of data used prior to taking action according to configured telecom plans, notify end-users they are approaching data limits, add escalations and block access to data-heavy resources.  For example, you can create a policy that sends an end-user a notification if they exceed 80% of their allotted data usage for the billing cycle.  If that user exceeds their data allocation, you can configure additional policy actions which will block applications or even enterprise wipe the device in response.  Please refer to the Telecom Management Guide for details configuring telecom compliance policies. 


AirWatch contains many preconfigured reports applicable to telecom data.  Within the AirWatch Admin Console, you can view, export, subscribe to and distribute any available report.


To access telecom reports, navigate to Menu - Reports & Analytics - Reports.  Select the Category column header to sort report categories. Select the specific criteria for your report and click View Report.



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