Getting Started - Mac Management (7.3)

Managing Mac OS X Devices


Apple Mac OS X devices are becoming more commonplace in the business world today. Because these devices can and are used to access corporate resources, it is extremely important to ensure they are secured and managed properly. AirWatch provides complete management solutions for enterprise-managed Mac OS X devices.

Enrolling Mac OS X Devices

Enrolling OS X devices requires no additional set up. To enroll your OS X device, you need:

  • APNs Certificate (already complete if you have enrolled iOS devices)
  • AirWatch Agent
  • Username and Password

Complete enrollment by navigating to in Safari.  Download the agent and follow the prompts to complete enrollment.




Using the Mac OS X Agent

Installing the AirWatch Mac Agent enhances your ability to monitor and control your device. The Mac OS X Agent provides AirWatch with device-specific information on power, memory, location, disc encryption, network IP addresses, product provisioning and passcode policy enforcement.


With the Mac OS X Agent installed, you can:

  • Push notifications to the device using the AirWatch Agent.
  • Enable Full Disk Encryption.
  • Configure Outlook 2011 email accounts.
  • Add, remove, and set permissions on files.
  • Install software.
  • Execute scripts.
  • Enable location services and track the device.
  • Enforce complex passwords.
  • Enable automatic updates for the AirWatchAgent.
  • Determine network, power and encryption status.
  • Send AirWatch Agent logs.


You can customize the Agent Settings by navigating to Devices > Settings > Apple > Apple Mac OS X > Agent Settings.




Securing Mac OS X Devices

Now that your Mac is enrolled in your corporate AirWatch environment, secure your device, and in turn, your sensitive corporate data, in a number of ways using profiles. Create and deploy profiles with security-specific payloads to ensure your internal resources are safe. With AirWatch, you can enforce passcodes, apply restrictions to multiple Mac OS X features, implement parental controls, manage aspects of Apple's Gatekeeper functionality, and control disk encryption on the device.

Create Profiles for your Mac OS X device by navigating to Devices > Profiles > List View and select Add. 

Enforcing Compliance for Mac OS X Devices

Utilize the AirWatch Compliance Engine to ensure your Mac OS X devices adhere to your security policies and take immediate action if devices are not compliant. Mac OS X supports the following compliance policies:

  • Application List
  • Device Last Seen
  • Encryption
  • MDM Terms of Use Acceptance
  • Model
  • OS Version

Create compliance policies for your Mac OS X device by navigating to Devices > Compliance > List View and select Add. 


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