Getting Started - AirWatch Browser (7.3)

Manage Secure Browsing with the AirWatch Browser


The AirWatch Browser application provides a safe, accessible and manageable alternative to internet browsing with iOS. Android, Windows 8.1/RT and Windows Phone 8 devices. This application can be installed by searching and downloading “AirWatch Browser” on the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store.


The operation modes for the AirWatch Browser include Kiosk Mode, Restricted Mode, and proxy support for Standard, Mobile Access Gateway (MAG), and F5 Proxy's.

Deploying AirWatch Browser

AirWatch Browser can be deployed to all enrolled devices by adding it as a recommended Public application in the AirWatch App Catalog.




Administrators can also create restriction profiles to block the native browsers on iOS and Android Devices.



Configuring AirWatch Browser

AirWatch Browser supports several configuration and security options.  Navigate to Apps & Books > Settings  > AirWatch Browser to customize the app settings.


AirWatch Browser allows administrators to specify security settings such as Disable Copy and Printing, Force Downloads to Open in Secure Content Locker, Accept Cookies, Clear Cookies upon Exit, and Remember History. Administrators can also opt to enable Analytics on AirWatch Browser with SDK Profiles for iOS devices.


To configure, select the Browser Settings tab and specify your settings.





AirWatch Browser can be run in Kiosk Mode or Restricted Mode.


Kiosk Mode

Enabling kiosk mode for AirWatch browser allows administrators set a homepage and prevent users from navigating to other pages. Kiosk mode disables the navigation bar, allowing for complete lock-down of the AirWatch Browser to the specified homepage.


To configure, select Kiosk Mode in the Mode settings and specify the Home Page URL and optional inactivity period.


Restricted Mode

Enabling restricted mode allows administrators to allow or deny specific websites and domains. Creating a "Deny" list will prevent users from accessing the websites listed, whereas creating an "Allow" list will prevent users from accessing websites that are not listed. 


To configure, toggle the radio button to disable Kiosk Mode (this automatically enables Restricted Mode), specify a Home Page URL, and set the Selection Mode as Allow or Deny.


In the Allowed/Denied Site URLs, specify :

  • Entire domains: * or
  • Specified URLs:




The AirWatch Browser allows administrators to define a proxy for use which include a Standard Proxy, Mobile Access Gateway, or F5.


To configure, navigate to Settings > Apps > Security Policies > enable App Tunnel  & select your preferred proxy. If MAG Proxy is selected in the browser settings, details will be populated from the MAG configuration page. Similarly, if Standard Proxy or F5 is selected, the details will populate from the existing configurations.


Note: MAG Proxy requires the MAG to be installed and configured correctly. Groups & Settings > Settings > System > Enterprise Integration – Mobile Access Gateway to install and configure the MAG.




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