Introducing VMware AirWatch Agent 7.0 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 7.0 for Android

The VMware AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch Agent 7.0 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • Added the ability to configure PAC URL for Wi-Fi for Samsung devices.
  • Enhanced email configuration for Samsung KNOX.
  • Added multiple Application Settings restrictions for Samsung.
  • Added features for Zebra devices including:
    • Block Screen Capture
    • Enforce Wi-fi On/Off
    • Application whitelist
  • Added support for Advanced Staging enrollment for Samsung Knox.
  • Android Rugged devices now triggers OG change based on the assigned IP range with a Device Query command.
  • Added additional features with OEM Service Kit v1.1 including:
    • Configure APN
    • Set Default Launcher
    • Disable Google Play
    • Disable USB and USB Debugging
    • Application Blacklist and Whitelist

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • AAGNT-178991: Resolved issue where Agent UI does not show the email address when users are created on the fly for Android for Work.
  • AAGNT-178979: Resolved issue where per-app tunnel stops working on devices that have the existing connection when the AirWatch Tunnel vpnd service stops.
  • AAGNT-178934: Resolved issue where AirWatch Launcher login fails on shared devices when "Always prompt for terms of use" is checked and EULA is present.
  • AAGNT-178903: Resolved issue where AirWatch Launcher silent update fails on TC70, TC55 Android devices.
  • AAGNT-178852: The "Whats New" section in the Play Store description has been updated.
  • AAGNT-178811: Resolved issue where Android devices is unable to install internal application on environments with CDN integration.
  • AAGNT-178779: Resolved issue where internal app installation status is not updating on some devices.
  • AAGNT-178658: Resolved issue where Wi-Fi with certificate are not working on Zebra MC40 devices.
  • AAGNT-178634: Resolved issue where LG devices download apps with Akami CDN servers are enabled.
  • AAGNT-178633: Resolved issue where Intermec CN51 devices show as non-compliant after device is encrypted.
  • AAGNT-178624: Resolved issue where Launcher profile does not configure when we add Launcher profile in staging profile manifest on Falcon and Ironman devices.
  • AAGNT-178622: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent does not automatically apply Exchange account profiles.
  • AAGNT-178621: Resolved issue where SD card encryption is not working on Falcon and Ironman devices.
  • AAGNT-178607: Resolved issue where removing more than one app from the Device Details page changes all the entries in IAL to 0.
  • AAGNT-178576: Android for Work restrictions now apply to both device and profile owner when applicable.
  • AAGNT-178532: Resolved issue where corporate apps and profiles installs on devices before compliance is verified.
  • AAGNT-178529: Resolved issue where pushing dackground data restrictions from AirWatch is not applying in Falcon.
  • AAGNT-178470: Resolved issue where OS Version compliance description is not correct on device.
  • AAGNT-178408: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent launches on Samsung Note3 devices upon changing the device passcode.
  • AAGNT-178369: Resolved issue where AirWAtch Agent does not exit when the ‘Back’ button is selected if the App Catalog/Privacy Policy/Intellectual Properties Link options have been launched.
  • AAGNT-178345: Resolved issue where enterprise wipe does not remove F5 VPN configuration on a device.
  • AAGNT-178342: Resolved issue with Android for Work Application Control - Blacklisting not working consistently with AirWatch Agent v6.3 for Android.
  • AAGNT-178336: Resolved issue where ANR is observed in AirWatch Agent while Container is installed on the device.
  • AAGNT-178321: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent configures AirWatch Inbox even though Email Container activation is not accepted.
  • AAGNT-178304: Resolved issue where Android for Work Device Owner Mode enrollment fails if optional prompt to select device ownership type is enabled.
  • AAGNT-178292: Resolved issue where blacklisted apps are not re-enabled after moving the devices to an organization group with no app control profile.
  • AAGNT-178277: Resolved issue where text notification to download client app from Play Store is not consistent.
  • AAGNT-178276: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent continuously processes the notifications to download client apps when different accounts are configured.
  • AAGNT-178273: Resolved issue where the user is asked to accept permissions when enrolling into Android For Work  with SAML or Token Based enrollment.
  • AAGNT-178248: Resolved issue where device enrollment stops at EULA screen if the Knox License Key field in the AirWatch Console is empty.
  • AAGNT-178224: Resolved an issue where the Email wizard does not prompt for Exchange account password in the post enrollment screen.
  • AAGNT-178218: Resolved issue where UUID is missing in default custom attrributes for smartphone devices.
  • AAGNT-178205: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent is not generating rolling log file in Android 4.1.2 after sending the sample once to AirWatch Console.
  • AAGNT-178204: Resolved issue where Google Managed account is not added to the device in Android For Work  Device Owner mode when enrolled into Laforge organization group.
  • AAGNT-178169: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent shows a blank page after Android for Work with SAML authentication is complete.
  • AAGNT-178131: Resolved issue where AirWAtch Agent does not display to Terms of Use screen if content is too large.
  • AAGNT-178059: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent displays 'Registering the account' message when the 'Back' button is pressed after Android For Work  Device Owner mode enrollment completes.
  • AAGNT-178039: Resolved issue where bookmarks are not showing up on device.
  • AAGNT-178010: Resolved issue where the ‘Allow Non Market App installation’ restriction is not being enforced on Android L devices.
  • AAGNT-178007: Resolved issue where device does not reboot on the Platform OEM Service.
  • AAGNT-177970: Corrected spelling issue inside the AirWatch Agent menu.
  • AAGNT-177969: Corrected spelling issue in the Blacklisted Application screen in the AirWatch Agent.
  • AAGNT-177917: Resolved issue where commands are not processed from the console when F5 VPN client is configured.
  • AAGNT-177916: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent does not prompt for Confirm Encryption dialog for Encryption in native Android devices.
  • AAGNT-177896: Resolved issue where whitelist apps profile with a dummy app (, removes the “Clock”  system appon Sony devices.
  • AAGNT-177803: Resolved issue where notification bar does not expand.
  • AAGNT-177788: Resolved issue where enrollment does not properly display when the device is in Landscape mode.
  • AAGNT-177783: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent does not start after device reboot.
  • AAGNT-177781: Resolved issue where device encryption is not working when enabled from the AirWatch Agent.
  • AAGNT-177780: Resolved issue where  enrollment field not visible in Landscape mode.
  • AAGNT-177591: Resolved issue where AirWatch Agent persists service installation prompt from Play Store even when Require Service Application prompt is disabled.
  • AAGNT-177577: Corrected spelling issue in the ELM Service KNOX enrollment screen.
  • AAGNT-177423: Resolved issue where AirWAtch Agent is collecting EASDeviceID for mail client incorrectly.
  • AAGNT-177422: Resolved issue where AirWatc Agent crashes during enrollment when AirWatch Inbox EAS Profile is set to auto deploy.
  • AAGNT-177364: Resolved issue where the incorrect title displays for each page in the AirWatch Agent.
  • AAGNT-177302: Resolved issue where Android M Permissions wizard during enrollment is not properly aligned in Landscape mode.
  • AAGNT-176288: Resolved issue where  new message notifications persists even if message has been read.
  • AAGNT-179049: Resolved issue where disabled non-whitelisted apps are not re-enabled after App Control profile is removed.

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading AirWatch Agent 7.0 for Android.

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0+
  • AirWatch Console v8.1+

How to Download AirWatch Agent 7.0 for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed – Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct end users to download it from the Google Play Store.

Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch.


Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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