Touch ID behavior change when using SSO with new AirWatch iOS applications

In the coming weeks, AirWatch will be releasing updated versions of all iOS apps.  While we expect minimal user impact, there is a behavior change for end users that are utilizing Touch ID for authentication and SSO with their iOS AirWatch apps. 

This behavior occurs when a user updates to the newer version of one AirWatch application (such as the Agent), while continuing to use the older version of a different AirWatch application (such as Inbox).  If SSO is enabled and Touch ID is used for authentication, then initially SSO will function without issue.  However, if the passcode is ever changed (or user password if Username and Password authentication is used) on the "newer" app, then Touch ID will no longer be functional on any "older" apps; the user must use the passcode to authenticate.  If all AirWatch apps are updated to the newer versions when they are made available, then Touch ID will continue to function for SSO across each of the apps.

The table below will be updated with application versions that have this behavior change as they are released.  Any application that is not yet available will show "Pending Release."

AirWatch Apps Version
VMware AirWatch Agent 5.4+
VMware AirWatch Container 2.4+
VMware AirWatch Browser 5.12+
VMware AirWatch Content Locker 3.12+
VMware AirWatch Inbox 2.12+
VMware AirWatch Video 1.12+
Applications using AirWatch SDK 5.9.3+
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