VMware Workspace ONE Applications Support Policy


The VMware Workspace ONE team's goal is to ensure we have the broadest coverage on the existing install-base of devices in the ecosystem, while ensuring customers operate in the most secure environments possible. It is always recommend to deploy the latest version of software to ensure security vulnerabilities are addressed. 
Note: The minimum supported version information is always available in the Product Announcement for each released application version. 


Productivity Application Support Policy

VMware Workspace ONE iOS Applications

Each version of the iOS VMware applications will support three major OS versions. For example, if iOS 11 is the latest major iOS version, the application will support iOS 11, iOS 10, and iOS 9. 


VMware Workspace ONE Android Applications

Each version of the Android VMware applications will support four major OS versions from the latest Android OS release. 

Note: Not all product features will be available on older OS versions as they may depend on new APIs only available in new OS versions. In addition, some product features will depend on third-party libraries. 

  • These third-party libraries have their own support and lifecycle schedule.
  • If these libraries do not support particular OS versions, we will be unable to provide support for issue resolution in these components on unsupported OS versions.


VMware Workspace ONE Application Versions End of General Support (EOGS)

Each version of the VMware Workspace ONE applications will be End of General Support (EOGS) one year from the GA date of the subsequent release. For example, App v2 is released, therefore, App v1 will be EOGS one year from the App v2 GA date. Security patches and bug fixes during general support phase that require app changes will require an app upgrade. 


OS Version Support Policy for Productivity Applications

Apple iOS Releases

VMware Workspace ONE has same-day support for each new iOS version released. Once the next iOS version (N+1) is released, support will be dropped for the (N-2) iOS version. For example, once iOS 13 is released, support for iOS 10 will be dropped in the next versions of the VMware applications. 

Android OS Releases

Once the next Android OS version (N+1) is released, support will be dropped for the (N-3) Android OS version. Google only provides security patching for the current major and two past major releases. 


Additional information on the Enterprise Application Support Lifecycle Policy can be found here


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