VMware Content Locker 3.10 will end support for iOS 8

VMware Content Locker 3.10 will end support for iOS 8

In order to focus on incorporating functionality available in newer versions of iOS, VMware Content Locker for iOS will end support for iOS 8. Content Locker 3.1.1 is the final version that will support iOS 8. Please refer to the release notes for the appropriate version of VMware Content Locker for version support specifics.

Action Items for customers after Content Locker 3.10 for iOS is released

  • Customers who want to take advantage of these features and versions will need to update to iOS 9 or higher
  • iOS 8 devices with Content Locker currently installed:
    • Will still be able to re-download Content Locker 3.1.1 from the App Store if they choose to uninstall at any point
    • Will continue to function with Content Locker 3.1.1 but will not have access to new Content Locker features or bug fixes
  • iOS 8 devices that have never installed Content Locker will not be able to download any version of the Content Locker application, including version 3.1.1
    • In order to install Content Locker, these devices must upgrade to iOS 9 or higher

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