Introducing AirWatch Features and Functionality for macOS Sierra

Introducing AirWatch Features and Functionality for macOS Sierra

The AirWatch® team is excited to announce that AirWatch Features and Functionality for macOS Sierra is publicly available. The new functionality is available for all environments running AirWatch 8.4 FP5 and higher. 

  • For on-premise environments, you can add macOS Sierra to the drop-down menus on the setting screens using the macOS Sierra seed script. To enable the new macOS Sierra functionality for 8.4 FP5 environments and higher, use this seed script. This action is not necessary if you have already run the script to enable iOS 10 functionality for your deployment.
  • For SaaS environments, no action needs to be taken.

For more information about configuring the macOS settings in the AirWatch Admin Console v8.4 FP5 and higher, see the VMware AirWatch macOS Platform Guide. If you are using AirWatch Admin Console v8.4 FP4 and below, you can still take advantage of these features using custom profiles.

What’s New in Security Features

macOS Sierra Restrictions  

AirWatch supports the following device restrictions for macOS Sierra using the Restrictions payload of a macOS profile pushed from the AirWatch Admin Console.

  • Manage iCloud Use – Added management of 8 iCloud functions.


  • Manage Apple Music Use – Restrict or allow users to stream music from Apple Music to their devices.


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